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About Alma Glass and Aluminum Industry

Alma for Glass & Aluminum Co. Ltd was established by Mr. Gamal EL Mashharawi, blessed be his soul, as the first factory for tempering and manufacturing glass in Dammam-Kingdom in 1978. Ever since we have stepped ahead with an obvious vision to establish a modern and dynamic company that participates in meeting Kingdom’s market needs, and we have brought to the fore as a credible industrial company over time, as our ethical business policies and transparency in transactions have allowed us to acquire a huge client base over the Kingdom, and we have got a dynamic position in the market by providing high-quality products to our clients.

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Previous work

Business Strategy

Alma for Glass & Aluminum has the power to contribute to forming and promoting the building facade industry within 44 years through hundreds of completed projects across the GCC region where the company becomes one of the main manufacturers and contractors of aluminum and glass in the region through:

  • Experienced professional team
  • Rich industrial knowledge
  • Client-oriented method
  • Latest style manufacturing institution
  • The institution has a complete inventory of aluminum from various sectors and a glass of all high-quality thicknesses, sizes, and colors